Last year, we were told that WayForward's spooky action-adventure Til Morning's Light would be exclusive to Amazon's Fire phone. That is no longer the case.

Today, Amazon Game Studios has announced that Til Morning Light will also be coming to Fire tablets, as well as iPad and iPhone.

That's not the only game to lose its Fire phone-exclusivity either. Physics puzzler To-Fu Fury, and first-person horror game Lost Within, are also on the way to Fire tablets and iOS.
Co-op adventure Tales From Deep Space, which is already available on Fire phones Fire tablets, will also be heading to iOS.

There's no word on when these games will arrive on these additional platforms apart from, simply, that it'll be "soon".

You can find out more information about all of these games here. But we've also got a brief overview and all the new trailers for the games below.

Til Morning's Light

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Til Morning's Light tells the story of Erica Page. She's a teenager who must escape a haunted mansion filled with ghosts and strange creatures.

You help her along by solving puzzles, defeating monsters, and exploring the depths of the mansion.

Tales From Deep Space

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You have to help E, a travelling salesman, and his luggage drone CASI to escape Big Moon during lockdown. The result is a comedic platformer for two.

It supports local co-op across two devices.

To-Fu Fury

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You fling a stretchy, sticky cube of tofu across an dojos and temples to save the Fortune Kitty.

As you do so, you have to avoid spikes, traps, and ninjas otherwise you'll be chopped up into a useless bit of bean curd.

It looks similar to Skullduggery, actually.

Lost Within

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Finally, Lost Within is a is a first-person survival horror game set in an abandoned asylum.

You have to craft weapons while either sneaking and fighting past the terrors that remain inside. It looks like some of them will creep up on you when you're not looking, which is terrifying.

Your goal is to uncover the asylum's dark past, as well as, you know, not be mutilated.

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