After a couple of delays, Nigoro's tough 2D platformer La-Mulana EX will be arriving on PS Vita in Europe on March 4th.

We haven't heard anything about a US version yet.

Presumably, as it was said to be heading west after launching in Japan during December 2014, it should be heading across the pond too.

La-Mulana EX is an enhanced version of the 2005 Japanese PC game (translated to English in 2012) for PS Vita. It adds a new monster bestiary, trophies, and online rankings.

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Other than that, you're still helping out Professor Lemeza Kosugi, armed with his whip, as he embarks on a very dangerous journey to claim lost treasures.

It's a tough game, and the sight of its ancient cities, caves, and terrible monsters will be burned to your eyeballs by the time you finish. If you ever do.