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Tiny Touch Tales has a tiny bit of news for us today. Its card-based dungeon crawler Card Crawl will be out for iOS on March 12th.

As we detailed in November last year, the idea in Card Crawl is to clear a dungeon comprised of 54 fixed cards without dying, and with as much gold as possible.

You do this while sat at a table opposite a friendly monster who deals the cards. With these, you decide which ones to play to manage your health and inventory as you face monsters, traps, and other dingy dangers.

At the start of each go, you can choose five special cards that can be used to your supreme advantage, if used effectively. You unlock more of these special cards with the gold you collect.

It's a neat idea that wraps dungeon crawling up in a novel and, hopefully, highly tactical way.

Look forward to trying this one out when it arrives next month. More details are on its website.

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