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Over at, our very own Chloi has put up a postmortem for the ultra popular hop 'em up Crossy Road.

She chatted to Matt Hall and Andy Sum of Hipster Whale to find out how the idea came about, how the monetisation model was chosen, and what they'd like to do next.

On Flappy Bird: "We wanted to create a title that shared the same DNA, but was very different". On the isometric camera: [Matt] told me that he wanted to rotate the camera because voxels look better at an angle. I thought this sounded like a bad idea that would ruin the gameplay and lose some of that movement precision." On free to play: "We basically never considered a paid 'premium' model. We wanted the game to be played by as many people as possible, and so it had to be free." On video ads: "It turns out that they've been successful and they're definitely a viable addition to buying characters in-game, especially for those who are unable to." Read the full piece here

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