Creator of the DoDonPachi series Cave has announced that its next shmup for iOS and Android is called Mahouotome. It will be available in Japan on April 16th.

A new trailer was also released that shows the game in action. Although it's a little hard to see as the gameplay is obscured by text. You can see that it's a shooter, at least.

Mahouotome follows a group of magic maidens as they attempt to save the world with the power of love.

You choose which one you want to be and then guide her around the screen with your finger. Each maiden has their own unique powers but they all have two types of shot.

You'll take on the usual mix of bizarre enemies in each level as well as bigger boss battles.

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Given that Cave shut down its English website last year and seemed to be giving up on releasing its games in the west, don't get your hopes up for an English version of this one.

There's more information about Mahouotome on its official website (but it is in Japanese).