Nintendo isn't putting its games onto other systems. You can put your tissues away, though because, there are alternatives.

The App Store is full of games that whiff of Nintendo's magic. Here are fourteen of our favourite Nintendo alternatives on iPhone and iPad.

Super Mario (3D) = Castle of Illusion Starring Mickey Mouse
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The lack of 3D platformers on mobile is surprising, given how well the genre has taken to the platform.

Castle of Illusion remains the best and is a solid port of the classic in which apples are thrown instead of fireballs.

Super Mario (2D) = Lep's World

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Many mobile platformers are content in doing their own thing. Not Lep's World.

That isn't a criticism though - it's a decent tribute to old school Mario titles and has likeable character all of its own.

The Legend of Zelda (3D) = Oceanhorn
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It's impossible to ignore just how similar Oceanhorn is to The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker.

There's sailing, weapon and item collection, dungeons, and bosses to take down.

The Legend of Zelda (2D) - Ittle Dew
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Ittle Dew, on the other hand, harkens back to the Zelda days of yore, when a top-down view was all the rage.

The puzzles in particular will be pleasing to fans of the earlier Zelda series.

Pokemon = Micromon
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Micromon is Pokemon in all but half its name.

It's blatant fan service, with the developers fully aware that Pokemon may never arrive on a system that isn't owned by Nintendo.

Mario Kart = Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed
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Sonic and Mario were once deadly rivals until Sega pressed the self-destruct button as a console manufacturer.

With no Mario in sight on iPhone and iPad, Sonic collects the prize easily - though it's a fine kart racer in its own right.

Animal Crossing = Castaway Paradise
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Be warned: Castaway Paradise is a freemium game.

It's also the closest you can get to playing Animal Crossing on your iPhone or iPad, along with the inferior Seabeard.

Starfox = Arc Squadron
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It's on rails, it's in space, it features plenty of shooting. It doesn't feature a fox or a falcon or a toad, but it's very much Starfox.

Metroid = Waking Mars
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The space setting and alien lifeforms aren't the only similarities to Metroid.

Certain paths are blocked until you've achieved a set of criteria. In this case it's increasing Mars' biodiversity - which isn't a far cry away from upgrading Samus's suit.

WarioWare, Inc. = Dumb Ways to Die

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WarioWare, Inc. is a fast-fire collection of mini games featuring a selection of Nintendo's most popular characters.

Dumb Ways to Die is also a collection of mini games designed with the touchscreen in mind.

F-Zero = Flashout
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F-Zero is all about speed, low gravity, and sci-fi racing in abundance.

Flashout may not do it with as much aplomb, but it still does all of those things.

Super Smash Bros. = Muffin Knight
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Possibly the most difficult game to replace on this list, Super Smash Bros. is about getting your favourite characters together for a massive brawl.

Muffin Knight features a host of characters on multi-tiered 2D platforms but, unfortunately, there's no competitive aspect.

Fire Emblem = The Banner Saga
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The appeal of Fire Emblem is, oddly enough, the prospect of your favourite character dying permanently in the next strategically played out battle.

The Banner Saga is a little more forgiving than that. Characters only die permanently if you lose the entire battle.

Advance Wars = Great Big War Game
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If chunky cartoon turn-based tactical battling is your jam, then Great Big War Game has you covered on mobile.

And that's exactly what a fan of Advance Wars is looking for.

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