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Ivent Games will be bringing its 3D brawler Strength of the Sword Ultimate to PS Vita as it has raised the necessary funds on Kickstarter.

Ultimate is an enhanced and extended version of the PS3 game Strength of the Sword 3 that was initially intended for PC.

The base goal was $14,000 to bring it to PC. But stretch goals for other platforms were in place. That included $30,000 for a PS Vita port, which has now been exceeded.

Strength of the Sword has you playing as a mechanical knight sent down from the heavens to eradicate the evil spreading across the medieval fantasy land below.

It focuses primarily on tough battles with either single or multiple opponents. In these, you have to manage stamina, movement, mana, shields, and ammunition while looking for openings to strike.

The Ultimate version adds new features. This includes a PvP mode that plays similar to Nidhogg's in that the winner is the one who battles to the other side of the map.

There's also an extension to PvP called Dark Mode that awards winning streaks with the chance to become a dark swordsman. These have dark powers but don't regenerate health between battles.

There's also a co-op survival mode in which you can face up to 40 waves of increasingly hard enemies with a friend.

Should $50,000 be raised through the Kickstarter then Dark Gods will be added to the game's main campaign. These are extra tough boss battles.