Swap Heroes 2 is essentially a polished, slightly tweaked version of the original Swap Heroes. There are new fantasy archetypes to move around the screen, prettier visuals, and different levels, but the core mechanic remains the same.

If that's something you enjoyed the first time round, then you're still going to enjoy it here. But if the slightly strange puzzling rhythm of the first game's fights didn't grab you, then it's unlikely it will here.

Swap hits

The game gives you control over four heroes, who must face off against three lanes of ghouls, wizards, and demon knights.

Your heroes are stood in a T shape, with three in the front row and one at the back, and the only control you have over proceedings is swapping where the different scrappers and magic-casters are standing.

Characters at the back of the T can't attack, but they can heal, and if you swap them into the front row they'll perform a special attack. Every time you swap, the front three heroes take a swing at the lane in front of them.

It's a simple system, but it offers some surprisingly in-depth play. You need to balance attacking prowess with healing, and the different ranges of different characters means juggling positions is important if you want to survive.

The game looks a lot prettier than its predecessor, with lots of gorgeous, chunky pixeled sprites and lovely looking 16bit explosions.

Swap meet

Swap Heroes 2 is still a smart, mobile-focused twist on the RPG. Its upgrade system has been tweaked around a little, with boosts now applying to all of your heroes, but there's still enough here that you'll play with a smile on your face.

This is a surprisingly cerebral distillation of RPG mechanics, and if it clicks with you, then it's pretty difficult to put down.