Kyub Crazy Colors involves lurching your way up an endless pole decorated with coloured discs, all the while being chased by a furious metal-faced giant with wild hair and spiky teeth.

It's all a bit disconcerting. Needless to say, if he catches you, you're done for.

It's endless runner time, then, but with a twist. You can only move by matching the colour of the next disc.

Disc discovery

So if ahead of you there's blue-yellow-yellow, you'd best quickly tap blue-yellow-yellow in sequence, or it's ‘oh no engulfed in hair' time. Again.

'Swag' and ‘danger' bars sit towards the top of the screen. The former moves on a touch for each correct match, and once it's full you get a temporary boost.

You can ignore disc colours and hammer buttons like a maniac, to zoom upwards and leave Mr. Scary And Hairy behind.

But mess up too often and the 'Danger' bar builds, enabling our angry, hungry adversary to more rapidly draw you in.

This all works quite nicely, not least when you're an inch away from getting eaten and manage to ‘swag' your way into the distance, even though you know your demise is always imminent and inevitable.

Pole position

If this all seems a bit simple, there are three further levels to try, which add extra buttons.

Normal (four) is kind of a sweet spot, but Hard's six is a but much, and Impossible's eight ceases to be fun, mainly because of the similarity between two of the colours. (The colour-blind, note, should probably avoid the game entirely.)

For the most part quite good clean, hairy fun, looks good, and even has reasonably unobtrusive ads. That all said, the rather wonderful Critter Panic has similar gameplay mechanics, is also free, and builds in a pleasingly madcap manner.

So you might want to check that out instead. Or as well. It probably depends on how much you like or dislike scary, hairy giants chasing you forever.