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Gold Award winning tactics gem Auro has finally made the leap from Android to iOS. You can now grab it from the App Store for £2.29 / $2.99.

This is a turn-based "tactical bumping adventure", where you'll use clever movement, magic spells, and good old fashioned barging to bump monsters into the water surrounding a hex-based grid.

You'll need to think a few turns ahead to survive in this Hoplite-esque puzzler, and to get the spoiled Prince Auro through the procedurally generated dungeons beneath his kingdom.


Auro comes from 100 Rogues developer Dinofarm games, and the lead designer is Keith Burgun - also lead designer on the fabulous Empire.

At review, we said "Auro is to puzzler fanatics what Aeros are to chocoholics: old school, addictive satisfaction served up in a (minty) fresh package".