Every Monday through Friday, the AppSpy and Pocket Gamer Twitch channel fires up for an hour of video games, humour-filled discussion, and obscure references to British culture that 90 percent of the chat room doesn't really understand.

The show kicks off at 5PM UK / 9AM Pacific / 12 Eastern / about midnight in Australia.

Here's what's in store this week...

Mon: Greatest Loves in Gaming - Genre Busters

Tue: Your Choice - see below for more info...

Wed: Eye on the App Store - your first look at the week's biggest mobile and tablet releases

Thu: The Pocket Gamer Podcast - live Fri: Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate - come play with us on the stream

This Tuesday, as a bit of an experiment, we'll be opening up the entire show to you. We want you to drop a comment below and tell us the mobile, tablet, or handheld games you want us to stream on the show. We're open to playing anything, so go wild.

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