Innovative touchscreen blaster Midnight Star finally came out this week, and whadya know, it's pretty good. We called it "a fast-paced and engaging tappy shooter that looks stunning".

But you will need to grind for currency inside this free to play game, to get the best weapons and upgrades. Or, buy some with in-app purchases.

Or, you can check out the free comic book companion, Midnight Rises. Reading the comic, and completing a few chores, will unlock currency inside the main game. And to help you do it fast, we've put together a complete guide.

Once you have unlocked a bonus in the comic, just log into your account and then load up the main game. Find your profile, and choose "Midnight Rises" from the achievements panel. Then, just tap the icon to grab your goodies.

Midnight Star

Do note that some achievements will require that you get chapters two and three of the comic. Two can be unlocked for free if you share the app on Facebook. Three costs 79p / 99c.


Objective - Reach the end of Midnight Rises chapter three.
Reward - 250 Catalyst in Midnight Star.

Simply read all the way until the conclusion to grab this achievement. You'll need to stump up at least 79p / 99c for this one, obviously.


Objective - Find all 10 of the hidden currency stashes in Midnight Rises.
Reward - 25,000 Element in Midnight Star.

These are symbols that are hidden throughout the pages of the comic book. Tap on them, and they'll disappear. Here's where to find them.

Note that some may be on pages that you only see after choosing a specific dialogue response, so you may need to go back and choose a different comeback in the five conversation trees.

Currency 1 Morning Star - Tap the transmission blocked screen on this page. Currency 2 Engineering - Tap the sticker on the box, during the Cromax chapter. Currency 3 Miller Time - This one's on the screen, in the bottom right corner. Currency 4 At Ease - Tap the logo on the door, on the entrance to the bar. Currency 5 At Ease - This symbol is on Janet's drink. You'll have to have saved her from the jerkwad in the previous encounter. Currency 6 That Smarts - This symbol is on the box behind Charlie, in the cell. Currency 7a Missed Opportunity - This symbol is on the corridor wall behind Charlie. Currency 8 Unrest Grows - This is a fist symbol, on a protestor's placard. Currency 9 Them's Fightin' Words - An easy one to miss. This small symbol is on the TV in this late chapter. Currency 10 Judgement Day - You can find this symbol on the wall, next to Charlie.


Objective - Read all of the optional news items in Midnight Rises.
Reward - 10,000 Element in Midnight Star.

In the chapter Physical Discourse, the president is given three news clippings to look through. Open all of them once to unlock this bonus.



Objective - Visit the History, Personnel, and News areas in Extras in Midnight Rises.
Reward - 10,000 Element in Midnight Star.

An easy achievement. Note that the Personnel tab opens during chapter one, and History during chapter two.


Objective - Share Midnight Rises with friends.
Reward - 100 bonus tech points in Midnight Star.

Use any of the sharing methods to get this achievement. It might be worth waiting until you get to chapter two, where you're able to unlock it for free by sharing on Facebook, to grab this bonus.


Objective - Find all the hidden information treats in Midnight Rises.
Reward - 250 Catalyst in Midnight Star.

To get this bonus you need to tap on all 10 Midnight Star logos, which appear whenever new technology appears in the comic. Here are there locations, and the chapters they appear in.

Note that some may be on pages that you only see after choosing a specific dialogue response, so you may need to go back and choose a different comeback in the five conversation trees.

Morning Star Morning Star The Armory The Armory The Lab The Lab At Ease At Ease At Ease At Ease - You need to choose "shut this dude down" in the dialogue choice with Janet. Missed Opportunity Missed Opportunity Unrest Grows Unrest Grows Thems Fightin Words Them's Fighting Words Bill Ted Bill & Ted Theres No Time There's No Time


Objective - Play Midnight Star.
Reward - Unlock the Artifact section in Midnight Rises, get 100 tech points in Midnight Star.

Once you've connected the two games, just play through the tutorial of Midnight Star to get this bonus in Midnight Rises.

Idealist and Pragmatist

Objective - Aways choose the righteous path for Charlie.
Reward - 250 Catalyst in Midnight Star.

Objective - Always choose the practical path for Charlie.
Reward - 250 Catalyst in Midnight Star.

There are five dialogue choices in the comic, and each has two responses - one of which is seen as righteous, and the other as practical.

To get both bonuses, you should first play through the comic by always choosing the righteous path. Then cash in the bonus in Midnight Star (see above). Then, play through the comic again and pick the practical options.

Below, we'll show you which is which.

Convo 1

Righteous - "Nope, not my job to humiliate exomarines".
Practical - "Yes, it is on".

Convo 2

Righteous - "I really want to know how that Matrix works".
Practical - "I think this could turn into a date".

Convo 3

Righteous - "I can't let Cromax die aline. There has to be a way that we can fix the dampner together".
Practical - I have to trust Cromax's judgement and follow his order as superior officer"..

Convo 4

Righteous - "Dude needs to be shut down".
Practical - "This woman needs an escape route".

Convo 5

Righteous - "Yes".
Practical - "Can't remember".


Objective - Find, read, share, and visit everything.
Reward - 250 bonus tech points in Midnight Star.

We're still working on this one. Any ideas? Drop a note in the comments section, below.

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