The Hardest Flight is another in the increasingly long line of simple arcade twitchers we've seen streaming on to the App Store in recent months.

And it's a pretty solid addition to the genre. It's quick, it's pretty clever, and its central idea is bright enough that you actually have to think while you twitch.

Like pretty much every game of its ilk it gets repetitive after a while, but there's enough here that you won't begrudge it the time it spends on your homescreen.

Tough air

The game is all about changing the colour of your spaceship's shield to dart through gaps in the scenery. Think Ikaruga boiled down to almost nothing.

You tilt to steer, and tap on the left and right of the screen to change colour. You need to be blue to pass through blue gates, red to pass through red gates, and purple - the default colour - to pass through purple ones.

As you'd expect, things speed up the farther you get. And then the gaps start moving, and get smaller. You'll die, then you'll probably start again.

The tilting is precise enough that you won't rage quit, and there's a slight leniency to the colission detection that makes things feel fair.

A tempting high score table flashes up every time you fail as well, so there's always the urge to push on.

Gated communities

There are a bunch of adverts here, but if you like what you're playing, you can get rid of them with an IAP.

The Hardest Flight isn't the hardest game you'll ever play, but it strikes a decent balance between challenge and success.

If you're looking for another arcade dodger with a solid idea at its core, then The Hardest Flight is definitely worth a look.