At first I found myself admiring BlitzKeep's approach to a vaguely pachinko-style RPG.

It looks decent, gives you a bit more control over your character, includes various pieces of equipment you can pick up to increase your power, and lets you buy upgrades in the shop.

Unfortunately it quickly starts to feel a bit dull, and later levels are far more painful than they are entertaining.

Bounce house

Each level of BlitzKeep has its own groups of enemies and a boss fight at the end. Your job is to strategically take out smaller enemies to build up your strength so that you can defeat stronger enemies and eventually square off against the boss.

It's the same deal throughout each of the five available levels, with the numbers getting incrementally bigger and the margin for error getting smaller.

It's not aimless bouncing, though. Not really. You use a small guide arrow to plot out your hero's path, and there are spots in each area where he'll automatically come to a stop and allow you to pick a new trajectory.

Fling and pray

And yet, you really don't have much control. Enemies move around at various speeds, obstacles can redirect your bounces, and more often than not you'll likely end up charging face-first into something you weren't ready for.

This is particularly true of the last couple of stages, where smashing into an enemy that's one to three numbers above you is commonplace.

It got so bad that I resorted to trying the "cheat" button in the shop, which does indeed let you cheat by providing virtually unlimited funds for upgrades.

But even after buying and upgrading everything it's just as frustrating. Most of the new gear actually makes things more irritating.

There's potential in BlitzKeep, but at the moment that's all it has going for it. Maybe after the advertised second chapter comes out it'll be less irritating and more fun.

Until then, I don't think it's worth the investment in either time or money.