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Super Evil Megacorp's latest update to its mobile MOBA Vainglory includes a new hero called Ardan. He's a bit nastier than the cute character added in December.

Ardan is a tough fella with a large mechanical right arm that he uses to punch the crap out of enemies. He's designed to be played as a Protector Tank, but apparently also plays well as a Warrior Bruiser.

Instead of an Energy system, Ardan has a unique Vengeance bar that fills up when attacking enemies and protecting allies. Fill it up and his fists fly faster and harder.

His heroic perk Julia's Gift also allows Ardan to recover a bit of health when taking damage. The amount of health restored increases at lower health, but it cannot exceed the amount of damage received.

You can find out more about Ardan and his abilities in the video above.

Oh, and Super Evil Megacorp has said that Ardan is the first of three related heroes that will be joining Vainglory. The other two will be revealed in the near future.

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