Odd Bot Out is, erm, out on iOS and Android now. Which means that my Valentine for this year is sorted out. Yep, I'm happy to date a cute, one-eyed robot.

How can you not? You'll see what I mean if and when you play Odd Bot Out for yourself.

This little robot gets rejected during a height check system and thrown into a recycling plant. You have to help it escape.

This is mainly done by dragging Odd about with your finger. That proves amusing in itself due to Odd's spindly legs. It feels out of control, almost drunk, as it walks around.

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But this is a puzzle game, primarily.

So you can expect to be fixing up rockets and staircases by dragging cubes into formation, assembling robot caterpillars for Odd to ride, and plugging in rockets.

If you fancy it, Odd Bot Out is available for £1.49 / $1.99 on the App Store [buy], Google Play [buy], and the Amazon App Store [buy] right now.

But remember that Odd is my Valentine's, not yours (maybe we can share?).

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