Plug & Play came out on iOS today (Android soon). It's by the same people who created the weird, finger-bending toy Finger Simulator.

In it, you explore an unusual world of plug and socket people. They're officially described as "anthropoid creatures that go beyond sexuality and reproduction."

There's definitely some sexual metaphor here. But, more than that, the theme seems to be one concerned with the struggles of communicating.

Here's an example of some of the game's scenes:

  • Two fingers fail to touch
  • A plug and a socket can only disagree with each other when discussing love
  • You see a circle of plugs attached from head-to-butt like a scene from The Human Centipede.

Your interactions in this world are informed by play and puzzle solving. You'll pull on cords, push people around, and flick plug prongs around.

If you're into weirder experiences then Plug & Play is worth a look. You can purchase it for £2.29 / $2.99 on the App Store right now.