The Superbowl is nearly here. In fact, it starts this Sunday, which is why you'll probably see numerous American football-themed games appearing on app stores.

Among them is Touchdown Hero, which ain't half bad, as it goes.

It's a top-down infinite runner in which you try to score as many touchdowns as possible. Yep, it's all about taking all the glory.

You guide your football player with your finger, dodging your would-be tacklers as they run towards you, and that's it.

Every time you pass a few tacklers you'll get a touchdown, but the runs get longer, and tacklers grow in number the further you go.

What makes it fun is the fast pace, the vivid pixel art, and the surprisingly excellent latency - the player matches your finger movements very well.

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Also worth noting is that, once you do get tackled, you get the option to give up and start again, or to watch a video ad to continue your run. You only get one chance, mind.

You can also remove ads altogether through the game's single IAP.

If you want to give Touchdown Hero a go, you can download it for free on the App Store right now. It should also be available on Android soon.