Radiation Island ran on to the App Store today with a plague of zombies in tow. It's a survival adventure that seems to be an iOS-specific take on Dead Island, in a way.

The story goes that you were part of the Philadelphia Experiment, which seemingly went wrong, as you were transported to another dimension.

This alternative dimension is a post-apocalypse where nuclear accidents led to the zombification of everything living. Unlucky.

You need to survive and find a way back to your own dimension. This involves hunting food to beat back hunger, finding clues to the world's secrets, and crafting weapons and items to beat back the zombies.

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Not just zombies, mind. There are patches of radiation to avoid, forests full of bears and wolves, even the water is inhabited by angry crocodiles.

Once you do beat the single player mode, you unlock the multiplayer arena where you can fight other players for precious valuables.

It all looks quite pretty, too, with plenty of detail fleshing out the world thanks to the support of Metal.

If big open world survival is your thing then you can purchase Radiation Island for £2.29 / $2.99 on the App Store right now.

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