It's a good job I'm not a getaway driver. Trees, buildings, cop cars - you name it, I've driven into it today.

It's not as bad as it sounds. I've been playing MiniChase. It's a game in which you've just robbed a bank and has you surviving for as long as you can during a car chase.

Yep, it's quite a bit like Pako in that way. Except it's made of pixels, and is therefore slightly cuter, but just as punishing.

There's a button on either side of the screen for steering left and right. You drive forward automatically. Other than dodging everything, you can also drive over power-ups, which includes turbo.

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My greatest achievement today will probably be surviving for 10 seconds in MiniChase. I'm quite proud of that despite that being a terrible time.

You can download MiniChase for free on the App Store [download]. It's supported by ads, and has an IAP to remove them.

It's also available for free on the Windows Phone Store [download], and it should also be released on Android later today.