Happymagenta's latest quickfire free to play iOS game is Hammy Go Round.

It's a cartoon "wheel-'em-up" in which you help a hamster traverse a world on a spinning hamster wheel. The goal is to, eventually, meet up with his crush, Squirrel.

You also get to play as Squirrel who runs the opposite way on a hamster wheel world turning anti-clockwise.

The idea is to avoid spiders, bees, and pitfalls to run as far as possible. You'll need to tap to make Hammy jump and double jump, and swipe down to roll under low-hanging hazards.

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There are acorns to collect that can be spent on upgrading the time limit you get on each attempt, and the fire power-up that sends Hammy flying through the air.

Of course, being a free to play game, these acorns are available as IAPs, too.

If you're looking for a challenging way to waste some time then you may want to download Hammy Go Round for free on the App Store.