Her Story is the first indie project from Sam Barlow. He previously wrote and designed both Silent Hill: Origins and Silent Hill: Shattered Memories.

It's described as a crime fiction game with non-linear storytelling. It'll be coming to iOS, PC, and Mac in early 2015, which means soon.

It turns your iPad or iPhone into a police computer terminal from where you investigate archived footage from 1994. It concerns a woman being interviewed by police about her missing husband.

Obviously, it's not real footage, but it is live-action and made up to emulate the low-quality of VHS recording equipment. The woman is played by actress and musician Viva Seifert.

You have to type in search queries into the database to retrieve footage in which the woman speaks these words.

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What your goal is in doing this isn't exactly clear, but the obvious presumption is that a story emerges from the clips you find.

Indeed, that's what Barlow seems to suggest when saying that he's "putting the spotlight on the modern phenomena of the Youtube Jury, in which police forces distribute the footage of intimate suspect interviews for armchair detectives to dissect."

You can find out more about Her Story on its website. It's also available to pre-order there for PC and Mac, if you wish.