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It seems like roguelikes and roguelike-likes and the whole dungeon crawling family have tried it all by now, but something new can always come along.

Chesslike, spotted by TouchArcade, is an upcoming dungeon crawler that stars chess pieces, rather than the standard rats and skeletons of classic games of the genre.

You play as several different chess pieces in the course of Chesslike, each restricted to its designated movement set.

The basic enemy in the game are Pawns, restricted themselves to movements of just one tile at a time, only this time in any cardinal direction.

This isn't your standard chess board.

Chesslike is played in turns, which makes it feel more like a classic roguelike and the board game it borrows from.

Levels, however, are not procedurally generated.

Chesslike will be available on iOS, Android, and Kindle "soon."

For now, you can play it in a browser on the Chesslike website.