It's a totally different kind of "Mac versus PC" in Apples vs. Robots. Instead of taking part in online arguments over operating systems, you'll be flinging fruit for your very life in an effort to hold off the encroaching machine horde.

It's actually a lot more fun than it sounds as well.

An apple in the face

Apples vs. Robots is an endless, apple-chucking survival game that encourages speed and accuracy above all else.

You need to swipe at the screen to toss fruit at enemies. Headshots do far more damage so careful aim is pretty important.

You can still bring a bot down by throwing wildly, but there's a slight delay on your "reload" time that will become a problem when the horde starts closing in.

What's nice about the apple tossing is that the fruits stick around after you release them, meaning that a well-placed (or lucky) shot can actually bounce from one enemy to another and cause a chain reaction of damage.

The three power-ups you have access to (a shield, some sort of apple machine gun, and a… nuke?) can also be a big help if you use them wisely.

Keeps the robots away

As you progress you'll also start replacing your apples with fancier and shinier models that do a little bit more damage and look all spiffy.

The only problem is I can't seem to figure out a way to tell how close you are to unlocking a new apple type. Is it based on the number of robots you beat in a single game? Is it cumulative? Does it just take time or a specific number of plays?

There's very little to nitpick about Apples vs. Robots, really. It's a bit repetitive I suppose, although the further you get the more types of enemies you'll encounter so it does encourage replays.

Although you will have to make your way through those earlier waves over and over again in order to get to them.

Even with the repetition though, Apples vs. Robots is surprisingly fun. There's not a whole lot to it other than apple-throwing, but as long as you aren't expecting something incredibly deep you won't be disappointed.