Every Friday, Pocket Gamer offers hands-on impressions of the week's three best new Android games.

Gunslugs 2
By Pascal Bestebroer - buy on Android (£1.99 / $3.15)

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Another tight, focused, and retro-inspired mobile hit from Orangepixel. This one is Metal Slug in miniature, and has you blasting your way through mobs of enemies in quick-fire arcade sessions.

"It might not be the most original game out there," says Harry, "but when you're parachuting away from a colossal explosion, wearing a Batman costume and firing rockets into the midst of a horde of enemies, you won't really care."

WWE Immortals
By Warner Bros. - download on Android (Free)

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This is basically just free to play fighter Injustice: Gods Among Us, but with Superman and Bane replaced with Triple H and Hulk Hogan. And you know what? We're okay with that.

It's a truly ridiculous game with over the top combos and game-ending specials, making it more Mortal Kombat than pay-per-view wrestling. But thanks to some carefully considered touchscreen controls, it works better on mobile than traditional brawlers.

Sky Gamblers: Storm Raiders
By Atypical Games - buy on Android (69p / 99c)

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Any iOS gamers reading this article will see this as a blast from the bast - Atypical's Storm Raiders came out two years ago, after all, and the series has had a Cold War-set sequel in the intervening months.

But if you haven't played it, it's new to you, right? It also doesn't hurt that this gorgeous dogfight sim - which lets you scrap it out against the nazis, high above real-life battlefields - still looks pretty stunning in 2015.

At review we said, "with missions galore and a deep, absorbing multiplayer mode, Storm Raiders is a wonderful addition to the flight sim genre, and sets its bar low enough that anyone can clamber into its cockpit and become a hero of the sky".