Tecmo Koei has announced that big beast slayer Toukiden Kiwami will be out for Vita in Europe on March 27th. The US gets its on March 31st.

Writing on the PlayStation Blog, Tecmo Koei community manager Chin Soon Sun says that Kiwami will be about double the size of the Silver Award-winning Toukiden: Age of Demons.

This means new weapons, new Oni (the large beasts you fight), over 100 new Mitama (souls that give you new abilities), new Slayers (playable fighters), new moves, and twice as many stages.

Note that Toukiden Kiwami is less a sequel and more of an expansion to Age of Demons. In fact, it contains the original game (making up half its content) and the new Kiwami story in one package.

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The six-minute anime you can watch above introduces the story of Kiwami. It starts three months after the end of Age of Demons.

New special missions have been added with exclusive Mitama to be unlocked in them.

It also has more powerful team moves that can be executed while in the 4-player online co-op mode.

Lastly, if you played Age of Demons, then your save data will be carried across to Kiwami. That includes weapons, armour, Mitama, and progress levels.

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