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Here's something we completely missed over the Christmas break: Vlambeer's sepia-toned dogfight epic Luftrausers can now be played on Amazon's microconsole doodad, the Fire TV.

This seven-colour shooter is all about dodging and weaving around planes and bullets, in a desperate bid to stay alive against an endless mob of enemies.

And if that's not working for you, why not customise your jet? You can swap out the weapons, boosters, and body to completely change the way the game plays. And sounds - the catchy music changes based on the bits on your ship.

I don't know how many Pocket Gamer readers have a Fire TV (let us know in the comments below), but if you've got this tiny black box under your telly you should definitely grab this game.

It's £6.34 / $9.99 and available here. You'll need a game controller before you can play, naturally.

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