Master of the Seven Teas is a nautical storm in a tea cup, a multiplayer broadside shooter that sees you sailing a ship through a series of hot beverages.

The controls are simple. The left stick guides you through the choppy cha, and the shoulder buttons on the Fire TV controller blasts the cannons on the left and right hand side of your schooner.

I'm playing on my own, so my competitors are waves of AI controlled boats. And a sugar cube that's an iceberg and a falling hazard rolled into one.

Power-ups Bob up from the brown depths, some of them health boosts that top up the armour of your ship, and others special weapons that you engage by tapping the X button.

Fire everything

These range from sharks that bite into the prow of your enemies to ninjas that leap out and attack your foes. There are torpedoes too, and plenty of other extra munitions that give you new attacking options.

Positioning is key, and barging your opponents into the wall of the cup before blasting out some shots seems like a perfectly reasonable tactic.

The violence is quick and engaging, and the extra frisson of friends and enemies that multiplayer adds makes for an even more entertaining experience.

This is a bright and boisterous shooter, full of little quirks and neat ideas that's exactly the sort of thing that could make its way into your game night rotation.