So many mobile games have tried to capitalise on the "flappy" craze, and so few of them have managed to be anything other than derivative.

However, there are a few that were able to take the basic concept and twist it into something a bit more unique.

And yes, Spectrum - 3D Avenue is one such game.

Don't touch the sides

Each level in Spectrum has a simple goal - get to the exit. Executing said goal is a bit more complicated though. Mostly because it's really freaking hard.

You'll have to guide a sort of wispy blob thing through a series of hazards and obstacles, using either tilt or touch controls to move left or right and virtual buttons to 'float' up or down.

Honestly, moving around isn't terribly complex, and that works to the game's benefit.

What makes Spectrum so insidious is the way each level is out to get you. Pretty much every single stage is filled with bits and bobs that will either injure or outright destroy you, and many of them move around fairly quickly.

Easy does it

Of course your performance is also based on whether or not you took any damage, collected all the little white orbs, and finished within a certain amount of time.

So while simply making it to the end of a stage can be difficult, making it to the end while earning top marks is a far more significant challenge.

There's a ridiculous amount of variety displayed in the various levels too. One might have you trying to outrace an insta-kill block in a narrow, hazard-lined corridor.

Another might force you to carefully navigate a constantly-scrolling maze with death walls on either side.

It can get frustrating at times - quite often, actually - but Spectrum - 3D Avenue is a pretty cool take on twitchy/reaction-based gameplay with enough complexity and style to stand out from the crowd.

It's also quite fun, of course.