Battle Slimes walks a somewhat twisty line between multiplayer brawler and a super-simplified mobile game. So really it's more of a super-simplified multiplayer brawler. Yeah, I think that's accurate.

Whether or not this super-simplification is a positive or a negative depends largely on what you're looking for, but the game certainly deserves credit for trying.

Deep like a puddle

Four playable colors (Blue, Green, Red, Yellow), four levels, two interchangeable win conditions, and power-ups you can toggle on and off.

That's about all there is to Battle Slimes. It makes setting up a game incredibly quick, but there's also not a whole lot to choose from if you're looking for variety.

The game itself is also blissfully / disappointingly simple. Your blob moves automatically, spits out little blob loogies automatically, and turns around automatically whenever it bumps into an obstacle.

The only bit of control you have is a button for jumping. Again, whether or not this is a good or bad thing depends on you.

Party on, slimes

Personally I'm sort of in the middle with all of this. Battle Slimes's simplicity does make it great for a quick game or three, and despite being a bit crowded it's still possible to have a full four-player game on a single device.

The inability to control anything other than jumping is also less of a problem than you might think. Sure it's incredibly basic, but there's a fair bit of nuance to getting around those levels and outmaneuvering your opponents.

It probably sounds as though I didn't like Battle Slimes, but in truth I can understand its appeal.

It's a very accessible competitive multiplayer game that allows up to four people to play against each other on a single device. It's basically Smash Bros. with blobs. And a much smaller roster. And only jumping.

Like I've been saying, it's incredibly simple. But that doesn't necessarily mean you won't enjoy it.