Crossy Road came out on Android last December, on the Amazon Appstore only.

If there's a reason you can't use or don't like the Amazon Appstore, but still want to play Crossy Road, you can now download it on Google Play for free.

The Gold Award-winning platformer is like a cross between Frogger and Flappy Bird, an arcade-like game about braving traffic, rivers, and railroad tracks in an endless quest to get to the other side.

Why? For a high score, I guess.

Crossy Road got a Gold Award from us late last year, back when it was only out on iOS.

Our review called it "simple, addictive, and loads of fun," with a great stylized presentation.

The game offers a host of playable characters as in-app purchases, which are all completely optional, adding only some visual flair to a game that's solid even without.

Download Crossy Road off Google Play for free.

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