Every year, some of the world's best speedrunners come together to host the Awesome Games Done Quick marathon, where they race through games and raise money for the Prevent Cancer Foundation charity.

It's not just a lovely event for a good cause: it's also a great way to see the incredible skill, practice, and determination present in this bonkers gaming subculture.

You'll see people exploit glitches to bypass levels, pull off ridiculous moves, play games in ways the developers never intended, and generally make you look like a terrible noob who should just give up games and go take up knitting.

You can find out everything you need to know at the site or you can just hit up the Twitch channel. Below, you'll find speedrun recordings of some games that you can get on those handheld consoles we like to write about.

Rogue Legacy

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How many times did you die on your trip to the final boss in Rogue Legacy? This guy goes through about three or four heirs before finishing the game at a ridiculous level 19.


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There are lots of Tetris speedrun videos, which you can find in here, but this funky Grandmaster trick run is something to behold.

Shovel Knight

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Retro platformer Shovel Knight was one of the hardest 3DS games released last year. Now see it demolished in a matter of minutes by this chap.

Sonic Advance

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You can also watch Sonic Advance 2 getting wrecked, if you're so inclined.

Binding of Isaac

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More roguelike ridiculousness now, as Isaac is completed in the blink of an eye.

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