Puppet Punch is coming out of soft-launch and releasing globally for iOS on January 29th.

This is news that has me saying to myself: "At last, another game about punching. About time."

I really love over-the-top games about punching. And I can only play Roar Rampage so many times, so Puppet Punch is just what I need.

You play as a young boy called Pablo who punches puppets as they appear from the top of a stage. He has boxing gloves on, of course, he's not a monster.

Each round of puppet punch-ups has a different country as a theme - India, China, Germany - with a tougher boss to take on at the end.

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Failure is part of the loop, as you can then restart from the first round with new power-ups that may help you get further. These include missiles, bombs, Poison Blows, Spider Webs, lasers, bosses and DNA Mutation.

All you have to do to play is tap on the puppets and money bags to give them a left or right hook. It's a simple high-score chase but, like I said, it's about punching, which is great.

If you're not as much of a fan of punching as I am then perhaps you should know that Puppet Punch was a runner-up at one of our Big Indie Pitches. So it's tried and tested for quality.

You'll be able to find out yourself by the end of the month anyway.