The Time Geeks are back - or is this their first appearance? It's difficult to tell with time travelers. Anyway, now they've released Where's My Geek?, which is being touted as the "definitive"game in the series.

Whether or not it's actually definitive is rather subjective, but I can say that it's just as enjoyable a hidden object / pop culture reference hunt as its predecessors.

The geek shall inherit the earth

All sorts of crazy environments and characters have been included (and hidden) throughout Where's My Geek? - from Game of Thrones to Marvel Comics to Where's Waldo? and beyond.

Simply trying to spot the familiar faces can be a game in itself, but you get a bit more direction than that.

Each stage in the Story Mode tasks you with finding a specific person or thing, and the faster you find your target the better your score.

Of course this is easier said than done. The levels are densely packed, and often feature moving scenery that blocks your view.

And it's even more of a challenge once the game starts tossing more things to find at you mid-level.

A moment of geekness

You can also unlock bonus mini-games as you progress through the Story Mode, but all the other extras like a 2-Player option, Zombie Mode, and Kids Mode (no timers) are only available via in-app purchase.

Still, there's a good deal of content here even without opening your wallet.

The problem is that Where's My Geek? is a hidden object game, and as such it's probably not going to win over anybody who isn't already a fan of the genre.

The presentation is great and the cameos are wonderful, but it's just not particularly exciting to play.

Of course if you enjoy hidden object games, or have a particularly soft spot for pop culture stuff, then you'll most likely enjoy Where's My Geek? quite a bit.

Heck, even if you aren't a fan of these types of games it's probably worth a look anyway. Just in case.