Docking Sequence is a strange little twitchy arcade game that's inspired by what most action fans probably consider to be the least interesting aspect of space travel, and what most simulation fans probably consider to be the most interesting aspect of space travel.

It's more difficult and more entertaining than it sounds. Although some of that could be due to the nerve-fraying soundtrack.

Insert 2001 joke here

All you really need to worry about is getting your ship through the bay doors and onto the platform, but despite feeling like an arcade game Docking Sequence is about as unforgiving and precise as the harshest of simulators.

To guide your ship you swipe the screen. Direction and speed determine, well, direction and speed. But there's very little margin for error here.

If you screw up even a tiny bit, you're probably going to blow up. And the further you make it, the more likely you are to get turned into space dust thanks to all sorts of hazards like asteroids, mines, hostile ships, and stations that like to spin a lot.

Begin final approach

I imagine Docking Sequence doesn't seem like a particularly interesting game on paper, however it did start to grow on me after a couple of levels.

It's not particularly good-looking, but the graphics get the job done and really take a back seat to all the frantic swiping.

The music, though. The music. It's... Okay, I don't have a problem with the Blue Danube Waltz, or Johann Strauss, but this chip tune rendition is downright shrill and it's the only music in the game.

To the point that I felt it necessary to go into the options and turn it off. None of this really detracts from the fun you could be having with the game, but yeesh.

Despite appearances, Docking Sequence will probably keep you entertained for a while. Assuming you're a fan of high score chasing, twitchy arcade games, of course.