Our ten day free-game advent calendar bonanza may have come to an end, but we're still going to be using the days up until Christmas to point you in the direction of some games that are always free and are always worth your time.

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Today's entry into our calendar of free games is the excellent Pokémon Trading Card Game Online. It's a trading card game, it's got Pokémon in it, and it's probably one of our favourite games this year.

It's essentially just a port of the web-based TCG, which is itself a version of the physical game that kids used to get in fights over in the playground. You collect cards, then use them to scrap with other players.

At review we said "this iPad version isn't perfect, but it's still a great way to get involved with this terrific card battler." And then we went right ahead and gave it a Gold Award.

Despite its kid-friendly veneer, this is a surprisingly deep, engrossing adaptation of the table-top game, and if you haven't downloaded it yet, consider this your forcible reminder.

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