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WarChest and Splash Damage have just announced their latest mobile collaboration. It's called Tempo, it's set in London, and it looks like it's based on reflex-testing Quick Time Events.

The story is all about a group of Special Forces commandos trying to stop a rich psychopath and his private army from destroying London with a series of bombs.

From what we've seen the game certainly looks the part, and it's set to hit the App Store in January next year.

Tempo is the second game from WarChest and Splash Damage, following on from the really rather very good RAD Soldiers, which got a Gold Award when we reviewed it and has been downloaded more than four million times.

We will, as always, keep you posted as and when we hear anything else about Tempo. In the meantime why not check out the game's official website here, and have a couple more ganders at the impressive looking trailer.

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