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Classic 2008 strategy game Galcon is getting a sequel this evening, in the appropriately named Galcon 2.

Like before, this is a minimalist game of planetary domination. You and anther player race to take over every rock in the galaxy by overwhelming their numbers with a fleet of tiny spaceships.

But this sequel has an interesting new online component where you can create clans, fight duels, run tournaments, and bet on matches.

The game's free to play and carries in-app purchases, but it's not pay to win - that currency is only spent on operating tournaments and starting clans, or unlocking cosmetic upgrades for your game.

Galcon 2

If you do pay, you'll get an equal amount of coins for yourself, and "Good Game" coins that you can gift to other players if you enjoyed duelling with them. Hopefully people are a little more altrusitic than in Smarter Than You.

Galcon 2 will hit the App Store at about midnight in your territory, and you will be able to download it here. It's also on Steam if you still play games on computers, like some kind of caveman.