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Icebreaker and Endless Doves creator Nitrome has just dropped an addictive new score-chaser called Platform Panic, onto the App Store.

It feels a lot like Mega Man, with the spikes and robot enemies and an ever-so brutal difficulty curve.

But it's designed with mobile in mind so expect procedurally generated level layouts, endless running, sharp touchscreen controls, and - erm - full screen ads.

Yes, this is a free to play game. You can buy coins that you can use to continue your run when you die, or you can use those coins to play as classic platformer heroes like 'Plumber' and 'Blue Rodent'.

Platform Panic

But don't let that put you off. This is a sharp retro-style platformer with all the razor-sharp difficulty of a classic NES game, but it works effortlessly on touch with sensible swipe controls. Don't miss it.

You can get Platform Panic on iOS, here. An Android edition is due very soon.