DeNA has announced a sequel to its popular free to play gothic fantasy RPG in Blood Brothers 2 today. It'll be coming to iOS and Android in 2015.

You can pre-register for Blood Brothers 2 right now on the game's website to get a unique character.

This sequel takes place a century after Blood Brothers and returns you to the fantastical world of Arnashia, which needs to be brought to peace once again.

You'll build an army by recruiting various beasts and warriors while uncovering conspiracies, and putting your skills to the test in strategic battles.

You'll also be be able to participate in PvP matches, as well as bring friends along to help obliterate your enemies.

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As expected from free to play games these days, Blood Brothers 2 will also have weekly challenges for you to complete.

Completing these challenges will determine the flow of the game's story, as well as your fate.

It's worth noting that, in our review of the first game, we said that it "plays about as nicely as cardboard tastes."

Hopefully, Blood Brothers 2 has something worth biting down on beyond its art work. We'll find out next year.