ShakePop is a weird combination of games like Simon and BopIt, and quick-fire arcadey stuff like Flappy Bird. Only you have to do stuff like shake your device, turn it upside-down, tap the screen, and so on.

And despite that strange mix of influences, it can be rather entertaining at times.

Tap me

To start off, you'll be able to "play" with one character out of a potential six - three of which you can unlock by performing a specific number of specific actions, and two that you can buy via in-app purchase.

Ellie The Human will call out different actions you'll need to perform in rapid succession, and the more you pull off the higher your score. The more you pull off the more Signature Moves you'll unlock as well.

It's basically a bunch of you awkwardly fiddling with your phone or tablet, then inevitably doing the wrong thing or taking too long. You'll fail, see your score, and try again.

The other characters all have their own signature moves, but the core gameplay remains the same (pinching, swiping, tapping, etc).

Really, aside from the basic aesthetic differences, the voice that yells interactions at you, and the Signature Moves list, each character is the same. Still, it's nice to have that sense of progression.

Do nothing

As with other fast arcadey games, it might be difficult for some to maintain their interest. It can get a bit repetitive when played for several rounds in a row, even with the Signature stuff.

And the signature moves are really just for show - you can do absolutely nothing and they'll still count.

Whether it's Ellie's "Dance With Me" or Coach's "Jumping Jacks" you can just stand there and they'll still congratulate you on a job well done and move to the next task.

Conversely, the actions that do count don't always register properly. Sometimes a shake won't go through or a swipe will be counted as a tap. It can get rather bothersome.

Still, ShakePop can be a decent way to keep yourself entertained. Probably not for a marathon session but it's not bad in small doses.