Melodive [buy] was one of last year's most captivating iOS games. Now, its creator has revealed his next project in Fugl on the Touch Arcade forums, and it's just as beautiful.

As with Melodive, Fugl can be described as a dreamlike flight experience.

Using dual-stick virtual controls you control the wings of a bird in flight. You'll be flying across procedurally generated voxel terrains in 60 frames per second.

The main difference in Fugl is the addition of enemies and hunting.

You'll have to, presumably, avoid projectiles and other creatures flying at you. Volcanoes will also shoot jets of molten lava at you that need to be avoided.

Smaller wildlife can be hunted to increase your energy. It's not clear whether this is optional or a requirement, but it sounds like you may have to hunt in order to avoid falling to the ground.

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There are also eggs that can be collected across the environments. You can combine the DNA of these eggs to find new customisations for your bird.

The other big feature that Fugl has that Melodive did not is a detailed wind model. It'll provide you with updrafts and turbulence to deal with.

The video you can watch above only contains one of the biomes that will be included in the finished game. It's also missing most of the features detailed above.

Regardless, it's still a beautiful-looking game, and one that we'll be keeping an eye out as it heads to iOS in 2015.