Where do I even begin with Dungeon of Genesis?

Do you like Wizardry? Well if you do, then go play Wizardry. Don't be tempted by this game's attempts at replicating the Wizardry experience.

I say this not as a series purist, but as someone who simply can't stand broken, bad games.

From humble beginnings

Dungeon of Genesis begins with you creating a team of adventurers by choosing names, races, and classes.

You can do this a number of times, and I'd recommend it as it's better to have a large group. Oddly the game doesn't really tell you how many you have to make or what the maximum is.

This is actually indicative of the entire experience - it never gives enough information. Ever.

It's unclear that items you buy in the shop go to individual character’s inventories, and it's unclear when a character's limit has been reached - which makes buying gear at the shop something of a chore.

Puts the crawl into dungeon crawl

It's also unclear just how many monsters you're fighting most of the time. Unlike similar games that simply show you all of the creatures in an encounter, Dungeon of Genesis groups many of them together and indicates larger groups with a number (i.e. Animal 3 means there are 3 animal enemies in a group).

This leads to some frustration early on when enemies seemingly won't die and you end up taking damage from something you can't see or target.

Basically, it's a mess. Oh, and the in-game text is so badly translated it's a serious hindrance.

But more than that, Dungeon of Genesis is a broken game. I actually had to delete and reinstall the game three times (remaking and rearming my team each time) because it would refuse to load after I opened it.

It would go to an asset downloading screen that pops up when you open the game for the very first time, then just sit there.

I can appreciate the scope of Dungeon of Genesis, and with a lot of TLC it could be a decent game. However, it's just not worth it right now.

There's too much wrong with it, and there are plenty of other similar games out there that are functionally superior.