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Ultra addictive endless runner Crossy Road recently received an update, that added a pair of new characters.

There's the Festive Chicken, which is currently available for free and can be yours from the start. But the other - a secret character called Gifty - is hidden away. How on earth do you get this guy?

Well, it takes patience. While playing as the Festive Chicken, you may randomly start to hear Christmas bells. Soon after, you'll stumble upon a clearing with a Christmas tree which showers you with gifts.

Then, when you next kick the bucket, you'll receive Gifty for your character list. He doesn't do much (maybe we're missing something? Let us know in the comments) but it's a nice Christmas extra.

There doesn't seem to be any specific point at which the tree appears. In my video, it happened at 100 steps but other have seen it much earlier or much later in their run. So, just keep trying!

For more, watch our video above.

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