We first heard of Polyganic when it won our Big Indie Pitch at Apps World last month.

Now we've found out that it's coming to iOS, Android, and Windows Phone next week. Time for a briefing, then, so grab a seat and listen up.

Polyganic is an arcade endless runner that's probably best understood as a twist on Flappy Bird.

Instead of controlling the bird - in this case a simple polygon - you swipe the pipes up and down so that it passes through rather than colliding with them.

As you do this, you collect coins which, on occasion, switch proceedings into a fever mode. So, yep, bright colours and chaos ensues

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Perhaps Polyganic's coolest design tidbit is that the difficulty of the level, and its theme, is based upon the number of sides your polygon has.

So, a triangle should be manageable. But step it up to an octagon and you'll probably want to inject your fingers with adrenaline.

We'll let you know when you can grab Polyganic for your own inspection next week. For now, check out its website for more information.