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Proun+ is an occasionally bewildering mix of Unpossible, a racer, and smashing your face into a work of modern art. It's just hit the App Store as well, and it's pretty darn sharp.

You play a ball that's racing down a pipe. You need to swing around the pipe, dodging the obstacles that are racing towards you. Everything is bright and bold, and there's a pumping jazz-rock soundtrack accompanying your travails.

The twist is that there are other balls racing with you, and you need to beat them to earn stars. There are other levels that see you trying to dart through point-scoring gates, some of which are fiendishly close to the obstacles you're trying so hard to avoid.

There are 11 different levels, five different speeds, four different game modes, and more than enough lightning fast racing to make you mash your iPad into a desk. Don't do that though, iPads are expensive.

The game is out right now for iPhone and iPad, and it'll set you back £2.49 / $3.99 to download.

Keep an eye on Pocket Gamer for a review later today. You can check out our hands-on with the game in the video back at the top of the page.