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Future Factory is a roguelike twin stick shooter that's headed to mobile devices sometime later in the year. It's set in a robot-infested future, and it looks pretty swish.

There's RPG-style levelling, and plenty of upgrades as well. You stomp through procedurally generated levels blasting robots who've taken over the factory they're made in.

The game features simple pick-up-and-play controls, but gently layers on the challenge so you're always having to improve.

Throw in perma-death and unpredictable scenarios, and you're left with something that sounds mighty interesting.

Robot fire

Developer Fun 2 Robots is promising to add asynchronous multiplayer after the game launches as well.

Future Factory is set to hit mobiles devices this winter, and we will of course let you know when we hear anything more concrete.

In the meantime check out the beta-build footage back at the top of the article.