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The first trailer has arrived for TellTale's upcoming point-and-click adventure Tales from the Borderlands. You can see it up there. Go on, have a gander then come back down here and we'll talk details.

It certainly looks like it's full of the series's trademark humour, more-so even than the RPG / FPS hybrids that have inspired it.

The game is set after Borderlands 2, and there are two playable characters - Rhys, a Hyperion company man who dreams of being the next Handsome Jack, and Fiona, a con-artist looking to pull of her biggest ever swindle.

Vault over it

You'll encounter bandits, Vault Hunters, big stompy yellow robots, and all manner of other Pandora sights and sounds as you make your way across the planet to try and reclaim a ridiculous amount of cash.

It all certainly looks the part, and apparently we shouldn't have long to wait to find out if it's any good. The first episode, Zer0 Sum, should be hitting the App Store and the Google Play Store before the end of the year.

We'll let you know as and when we hear anything more concrete, but in the meantime, why not watch that trailer again. I mean, what have you got to lose?