Updated on November 13rd, at 8:34: XCOM: Enemy Within is now available to download on both iOS and Android. It's a 2.8GB download and costs £8.99 / $13.99.

We'll have a full review soon.

Original story follows…

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The iOS and Android versions of alien extermination sim XCOM: Enemy Unknown will be getting the Enemy Within expansion pack tomorrow - but as a new standalone app, rather than an update.

At its heart, this is largely the same game as last year's, which sees you defending the earth from an alien invasion by managing resources, launching satellites, researching weapons, and commanding tactical turn-based battles.

But the old campaign has been rejuvenated with new maps, aliens, weapons, and abilities.

Soldiers can now receive genetic modifications and mechanised cybersuits, and wield new weapons and tools. That'll be handy when facing off two new alien types and a new enemy organization known as EXALT.

Gene splicing

There's also a new strategic resource called Meld that lets you unlock new research and upgrades. And there are fresh story elements, including a mission where you defend the XCOM headquarters from alien attack.

Enemy Within also has multiplayer like before, with one-on-one, turn-based matches via Google Play and Game Center. The expansion adds new maps, units, and abilities.

XCOM: Enemy Within will cost £8.99 / $12.99 and is out on iOS and Android tomorrow. In comparison, vanilla XCOM launched at £13.99 and now costs £6.99 on iOS.

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