Kriophobia is an upcoming survival horror game with fixed camera angles. That's pretty rare these days.

Considering that, it shouldn't be a surprise that developer Fira Game is hoping to recreate the atmosphere of classics in the genre. We're talking Silent Hill, Resident Evil, and Alone In The Dark here.

One element that isn't taken from those classics is the tank controls. Rather than having to steer the character, you just tap on the screen to direct them, like you do in a point-and-click adventure.

As to what the game is actually about, well, that's unclear at this time. Screenshots show a woman running around an arctic facility.


It seems that there are other people with her, some of which are injured, and lots of the machines need fixing.

She also carries a knife at times, implying that there's a physical threat to fight off, perhaps.

You may also notice a health bar and a back pack icon. It seems we'll need to heal ourselves using items collected in our inventory, then.

What really caught our eye about Kriophobia is its graphic novel art style. Combine that with the fixed camera angles, and you have a dramatic looking game throughout.

We're hoping to hear more about Kriophobia in the coming months. For now, we can confirm that it will be coming to mobile and and PC when it's released.

You can keep up with Kriophobia on its website.